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Click on this link to get to the Jacktrip.org site
This page is an unofficial collection links to Jacktrip (and variants) download-sites, documentation, tips and techniques.  Contact me (Mike O’Connor) HERE if you find errors, updates, additions, etc.


This is a collection of downloads to Jacktrip and other systems that have Jacktrip heritage, either direct or indirect.  In all cases there is a strong focus on managing latency and sound quality.  Thus, these are aimed performing musicians who strive to play/rehearse/perform in real time.  All of these systems are evolving rapidly during the Covid era.

      • Jacktrip – official open-source site at Stanford’s CCRMA –  click HERE.
        [ Google group — Slack group ]
      • Qjacktrip – Jacktrip with a Qt user-interface – click HERE
      • Quacktrip, Netty McNetface and music101 – Jacktrip, peer to peer and server, built in Pdclick HERE
      • QuaxTrip – QuackTrip built in Max – click HERE  
      • Sonobus – cross-platform peer to peer app, built in Juce – click HERE
        [ Facebook group — Google group ]
      • Soundjack – peer to peer and large-group server, web UI – click HERE
        [ Facebook group ]

Setup guides – for Jacktrip

Setup guides – for other stuff

      • Excellent University of Minnesota guide to sharing audio through Zoom — an easy way to share a Jacktrip session through Zoom (a concert or recital for example).
      • Ian Howell’s – excellent documentation for Soundjack — but also excellent overall discussion of fundamentals of online music in general — highly recommended for all audiences.
      • Omar Costa Hamido – Music101 server on AWS EC2
      • Miller Puckette’s tip on how to install Pd on a linux server – “the Pd community site has “deb” files here:  https://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data/releases/0.51-1 – so you don’t really have to compile pd on flavors of linux that use apt-get for installing software.  I think this is thanks to Iohannes Zmoelnig.  To install Pd, just download the “deb” file and run:  apt-get install <filename> “

Tips and techniques

      • A series of 5 short videos introducing and demonstrating Jacktrip – click here (Michael Dessen)
      • A comprehensive Jacktrip video series with a Mac focus – click here (Jan Stoltenberg)
      • Jacktrip Startup Guide — helpful tips when QjackCtl is throwing error messages.  Jacktrip startup sequence v3 (PDF – Mike O’Connor)
      • Configuring, starting and running a multi-client Jacktrip server with per-channel mixing – click here (Mike O’Connor)
      • A three-step script to set up Jacktrip, JMess, Qjackctl and Ardour on a Linode GUI-interface server.  Might be a good starting point for other headless-Linux Jacktrip servers. (Mike O’Connor)
      • Routing Jacktrip Audio using Loopback (Mike O’Connor)
      • “Audio Routes” capabilities in Ableton Live (useful for things like sharing Jacktrip audio with Zoom and other audio-routing puzzlers).  Click here for description, LOTS of examples and link to the download.  [Installation tip: drag the Audio Routes folder into the User Library and launch examples from there – dragging the .als examples into Live tends to crash Live.]

Background and reference material