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Click on this link to get to the official site — Jacktrip.org
This page is an unofficial collection links to Jacktrip (and variants) documentation, tips and techniques.  Contact me (Mike O’Connor) HERE if you find errors, updates, additions, etc.


look here for:
– Jacktrip 1.2.1 bundled in an app called QJackTrip (Mac and Windows installers)
– Updated QJackctl that runs on Mac OSX 10.3 (High Sierra) or later
– Jack server software
– Setup and getting-started instructions

Setup guides – for Jacktrip

Setup guides – for other stuff

      • Omar Costa Hamido – Music101 server on AWS EC2
      • Miller Puckette’s tip on how to install Pd on a linux server – “the Pd community site has “deb” files here:  https://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data/releases/0.51-1 – so you don’t really have to compile pd on flavors of linux that use apt-get for installing software.  I think this is thanks to Iohannes Zmoelnig.  To install Pd, just download the “deb” file and run:  apt-get install <filename> “

Tips and techniques

      • A series of 5 short videos introducing and demonstrating Jacktrip – click here (Michael Dessen)
      • A comprehensive video series with a Mac focus – click here (Jan Stoltenberg)
      • Jacktrip Startup Guide — helpful tips when QjackCtl is throwing error messages.  Jacktrip startup sequence v3 (PDF – Mike O’Connor)
      • Configuring, starting and running a multi-client Jacktrip server with per-channel mixing – click here (Mike O’Connor)
      • “Audio Routes” capabilities in Ableton Live (useful for things like sharing Jacktrip audio with Zoom and other audio-routing puzzlers).  Click here for description, LOTS of examples and link to the download.  [Installation tip: drag the Audio Routes folder into the User Library and launch examples from there – dragging the .als examples into Live tends to crash Live.]

Background and reference material

Online discussion