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Click this link to get to the official Jacktrip.org website

The latest Jacktrip release on GitHub as of this very instant is Version 2.3.0

Download official Mac and Windows installers, and Linux binaries, from the GitHub “latest release” link HERE

Or…  Download Aaron Wyatt’s Mac and Windows installers and follow his excellent installation-instructions HERE


This page is an unofficial collection links to Jacktrip (and variants) sites, documentation, tips and techniques.  Contact me (Mike O’Connor) if you find errors, updates, additions, etc.

This is a collection of downloads to Jacktrip and other systems that have Jacktrip heritage, either direct or indirect.  In all cases there is a strong focus on managing latency and sound quality.  Thus, these are aimed performing musicians who strive to play/rehearse/perform in real time.  All of these systems are evolving rapidly during the Covid era.

      • Jacktrip – official open-source site at Stanford’s CCRMA –  click HERE.
        [ Google group — Slack group ]

        • Download Mac and Windows installers, and Linux binaries, from the GitHub “latest release” link HERE.  The latest Jacktrip release on GitHub as of this very instant is Version 2.3.0
        • Linux users can use a script to build the latest version of Jacktrip along side their existing one.  Instructions are HERE
      • Quacktrip, Netty McNetface and music101 – Jacktrip, peer to peer and server, built in Pdclick HERE
      • QuaxTrip – QuackTrip built in Max – click HERE  
      • Sonobus – cross-platform peer to peer app, built in Juce – click HERE
        [ Facebook group — Google group ]
      • Soundjack – peer to peer and large-group server, web UI – click HERE
        [ Facebook group ]

Setup guides – for Jacktrip (all of these are for earlier versions of Jacktrip – apply caution)

Setup guides – for other stuff

      • Synthia Payne’s definitive explanation of how to install and configure ASIO drivers for Windows Jacktrip users.  Jacktrip can usually find an ASIO driver if you’ve loaded one from your audio-interface vendor (ala Focusrite).  But if you didn’t load it or you’re using your computer’s native audio interfaces, you need to see this video.  Also note that if you use Qjackctl/Jack, Qjackctl is the app to start and configure rather than Jacktrip.
      • Excellent University of Minnesota guide to sharing audio through Zoom — an easy way to share a Jacktrip session through Zoom (a concert or recital for example).
      • Ian Howell’s – excellent documentation for Soundjack — but also excellent overall discussion of fundamentals of online music in general — highly recommended for all audiences.
      • Omar Costa Hamido – Music101 server on AWS EC2
      • Miller Puckette’s tip on how to install Pd on a linux server – “the Pd community site has “deb” files here:  https://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data/releases/0.51-1 – so you don’t really have to compile pd on flavors of linux that use apt-get for installing software.  I think this is thanks to Iohannes Zmoelnig.  To install Pd, just download the “deb” file and run:  apt-get install “

Tips and techniques

      • A link to pretty good command-line documentation for jackD – click here.  Here are some Mac examples: “jackd -d coreaudio -r 48000 -p 512 ” will start jackd on a Mac, using the device set in Audio Midi Setup and System Preferences/Sound). “ jackd -d coreaudio -l ” lists the audio devices that jackd sees on this mac.
      • Good answer to “how do I reset Microphone permissions in MacOS?”  Click here for the post.  Short version – type ” tccutil reset Microphone ” into the command line.
      • Want to reset the stored preferences in Jacktrip (because you still can’t connect to any server, even after resetting microphone permissions)?   On a Mac, they are stored in your user’s Library/Preferences folder (not the global one) in a file that is probably called org.jacktrip.JackTrip.plist  [thanks to Aaron Wyatt for this one]
      • A series of 5 short videos introducing and demonstrating Jacktrip – click here (Michael Dessen)
      • A comprehensive Jacktrip video series with a Mac focus – click here (Jan Stoltenberg)
      • Jacktrip Startup Guide — helpful tips when QjackCtl is throwing error messages.  Jacktrip startup sequence v3 (PDF – Mike O’Connor)
      • Configuring, starting and running a multi-client Jacktrip server with per-channel mixing – click here (Mike O’Connor)
      • A Pretty Good Jacktrip Toolkit (PGJTT).  Instructions, scripts and templates to set up Jacktrip, JMess, Qjackctl and Ardour on a Linode GUI-interface server.  (Mike O’Connor)
      • Routing Jacktrip Audio using Loopback (Mike O’Connor)
      • Juan-Pablo Caceres & Chris Chafe – “Jacktrip: Under the hood of an engine for network audio
      • “Operation” page from a now-defunct Jacktrip documentation project.

Background and reference material